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Decorative screens are an integral part of home decor. Initially, decorative screens in Melbourne were only used for outdoor spaces but nowadays, these screens are readily included in the home interiors too. Decorative screens come in several different styles and patterns which makes them ideal for every space. The main purpose of installing the screens is to add privacy to space. However, these screens can also be used to hide unwanted elements! Decorative screens look the best in an outdoor setting but there are many other creative uses of screens too. These days decorative screens are also used for increasing the height of the fence, enhancing porch railings, creating a partition in an indoor space, etc. Choosing the right screen is very important for its effective use. Thanks to the availability of a wide variety of screens, it is now easy to find the best screen for your space. Here are some things you must keep in mind in order to choose the right screen for your space.

Material of the screen

Decorative screens are made up of several materials. The material of the screen matters because the overall look of the screen depends on it. Decorative screens are available in many materials like metal, plastic, steel, etc. Choose the screen material depending on whether you want to place the screen outdoors or indoors.

Pattern of the screen

These days screens are available in almost every pattern. Choose the pattern of the screen depending on the space. The most popular screen patterns are floral and geometric. Additionally, if you are installing a screen for a particular reason then select the design accordingly.

Quality and maintenance

See to it that you check the quality of the screen and only then install it. The durability of the screen also depends on its care and maintenance. When you purchase a decorative screen you need to consider its maintenance level too. If the screen is placed outdoors then it will need regular cleaning because it is bound to attract more dust and dirt.

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