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“From wedding ideas to kitchen mood boards, Pinterest has been the go to platform for inspiration and collection for concepts and aesthetics that assist the general public in all their planning and brainstorming needs.

Screening Solutions has created a Backyard Inspiration page to help you view and collate all backyard renovation ideas. Our page features any and all installs for our products, including fence extensions on sloping properties, the use of Treated Pine lattice pieces for a garden feature wall or a custom made Recycled Composite pool screens for the families safety and privacy.

You’ll be able to see how each product helps accentuate and modernise different backyard spaces. Got a veggie patch that could use some snow peas? Use our zero maintenance 55 x 40 Black Recycled Composite screening with 50mm spacing! Want compliant pool screening but don’t want ugly glass panels that are always dirty? Our Internal Pool screening has got you covered! “

What Makes Timber Screens Functional And Beneficial?

Wood-based applications are perfect for enhancing the look of a place. Choosing the right screen is very important. Usually, people opt for timber screens when they want to decorate their outdoors. However, screens also play a crucial role when it comes to creating sun and light protection. Timber screens are known for their natural look and easy maintenance. Opt for a timber screen in Melbourne and add style to your outdoors. These days timber screens are not just owned for outdoors but are also bought for indoor spaces. Timber screens are carefully crafted for open areas. These screens are very beneficial for pool areas too. The look of timber screens depends on its texture. See to it that you choose the right finish for your timber screen in Melbourne. These screens do not limit the airflow but at the same time can act as privacy screens. Here are a few things which make timber screens functional and highly beneficial.


Constructing a partition in an outdoor space can be quite expensive. However, doing the same with timber screens is cost-effective. These screens can also be used for the decks. Moreover, these screens can be customized easily according to space with regards to dimension, texture and finish.

Easy to install

Unlike other privacy screens and constructions, timber screens are easy to install. These screens do not need any concrete mix or high-end tools for installation. Installing a timber screen hardly takes any time which makes it all the more hassle-free.

Highly durable

Timber screens are strong and can withstand unruly weather conditions too. Choosing the right quality of timber is very crucial here. With regular maintenance, they can last for a long time without needing any major replacements and repairs. See to it that you keep your timber screen clean and use the right products to do so. You can also rely on professionals for your timber screen cleaning.

Choose the right timber screen in Melbourne and transform the outdoors effortlessly.

When are Fence Extensions a Necessity?

Fence extensions, as the name suggests, are an extension for the fence around your home that you would like added for any possible reason. These act as additions to the fence if the current span falls short of its purpose or is unsatisfactory to homeowners in any way.

If you are unable to decide if you really need fence extensions, here are some reasons when fence extensions become a necessity:

When you have pets at home

Like your children, keeping your pets in check can often be troublesome. And you certainly cannot expect to be keeping an eye on them every second of the day! While you can trust them to behave some of the times, predicting their behaviour isn’t a guaranteed possibility. A fence extension is one way to ensure that they don’t scurry out of the home property while you are unaware and keep your mind at ease no matter where you are.

When you want to keep visitors out

For commercial spaces that deal with hazardous products such as chemicals, etc., any lag in security can be a huge cause for concern. As they say, prevention is much better than cure. Rather than regretting a mishap that could have been avoided, you can opt for fence extensions in Melbourne that are suited for your premises. This way, you can ensure the safety of visitors and people around the premises.

When you are looking for more privacy

Today, privacy has become vital for all with the kind of lifestyles we lead, more from the point of view of security. This is especially the case if you spend a lot of time in your front or back yard. A fence extension is sure to keep you from being stared at by prying eyes and give you all the privacy you need.It is certainly a great addition if you have particularly nosy neighbours!

You can find a number of options for fence extensions in Melbourne where you can choose the fence extension styles to suit your homes.

What are the Different types of fence extensions

The types of fence extensions you select will not only enhance your outdoors but also provide you with one of the primary advantages which is home security. A professional fence extension gives your home a makeover and a true sense of living that you desire. Fence extensions come in different materials. Each material has a different appeal.

Here are the different types of fence extensions available in Bunnings, Melbourne

Aluminium Fencing

Aluminium is one of the most basic and beautiful fencing types that attract a lot of homeowners. The reason why many customers choose aluminium fence extensions is that it is relatively maintenance-free than compared to others. You can choose the colour you would want to paint on the aluminium fencing during its installation.

Wood Fencing

Wood is the most elegant looking fence extensions that you can choose for you home exteriors. It has a warm and welcoming appeal to it which all the homeowners can afford without shelling out much money. One has to be aware of the size of fence extensions to be installed as it can largely affect the prices.

Moreover, wood fence extensions take more time to install than its other counterparts.

PVC Fencing

If you are low on budget but want fence extensions for your outdoors, you should probably be sticking to PVC material. PVS fence extensions are not as sturdy as others but can equally serve the purpose. They come in different sizes and colour options to choose from. They are either attached with adhesives or fastened with screws. PVC fence extensions last for an extended period of time and are resistant to outer elements.

Lattice factory in Bunnings, Melbourne is a company that provides you with different types of fence extension with superior quality and affordable prices. If you have any queries, feel free to call us.

5 Advantages of Glass Pool Fencing

If you own a swimming pool in your yard, then you must be knowing that it is mandatory by law to have a fence around it. The fence is made compulsory in order to protect people from accidental deaths, especially when you have kids in your family. Amongst all the different types of materials that are found, glass pool fencing is what you should actually look for. Glass pool fencing in Sydney has great value for money and enhances the beauty of your house.

Here are the five advantages of investing in glass pool fencing:

Pool Safety

The primary cause of drowning amongst children is due to the lack of pool fencing in the backyard. Also, these incidents have happened in their own houses which is the most saddening part. With glass pool fencing, you get sturdier and stronger protection for children and pets which is not found in other pool fencing types.

Unobstructed View

With glass pool fencing, you get a clearer view of the entire pool. You can supervise and keep a check on your kids and pets while doing your work. The greatest advantage is that you can rush to the pool in times of urgencies and need.

Beautifies your yard

The best and easiest way to enhance your backyard and the look of your house is to use glass. Glass pool fencing looks beautiful and immediately gives you a feel of class and elegance. The light reflection because of the glass makes your area look spacious an

Easy to maintain

The most concerning part of a pool fencing are its maintenance. But with glass pool fencing, you do not have to worry about its care as it is easy and inexpensive. A regular clean up with water and detergent is good to go which will increase the lifespan of your glass pool fencing.

We provide pool fencing and easy pool fencing installation in Sydney. If you have any queries, we are just a call away!

Elegant Pool Fence Ideas to Choose From

Having a pool at home is sure to be the ideal pastime on a hot summer day. However, this is hardly ideal when you have neighbours peeping in to see how you are doing through the little fence surrounding your otherwise perfect home. One way to deal with these disturbances is to add a pool fence for your privacy. To start with, here are some pool fence ideas that you can choose from for your lovely abode in Sydney:

A naturally blending fence

For those who like things to be traditional, there is nothing better than a beautiful bamboo surrounding your beautiful pool. With the best quality bamboos put up around your pool, you can be sure of the fence complimenting your home just right.

A glass fence

If you love the look of your pool and its surrounding views, there is nothing better than a glass fence to have around the pool. Not only can you keep a check on the pool when you are at a distance but also keep an eye on things while you are in it. This is even more vital when you have pets and kids at home. And there is no doubting the fact that a glass pool fence looks incredibly classy.

An elegant timber or hardwood fence

For an elegant look that gives your home a vintage look and feel, hardwood lattice screens or timber screens make perfect sense. While very simple, you can add some greenery with these wooden screens around, giving it the right blend to go with your poolside view!

So, if you have spent all your resources in making your pool look its best, make sure you invest in the right team for pool fencing in Sydney. Whether you wish to or not, you are sure to impress anyone entering your home with the love choice of fence you decide on, depending on your budget, the look of your home, and the size of the pool.

Make way for Bamboo Screens-Your new garden decor!

Are you kind of a person who always looks for some creative decor ideas to spice up your space? If you are thinking to revamp your outdoors within a specific budget, we have something to offer you!

Bamboo screens are the trendiest thing that you can see in today’s time. Bamboo screens can be used to transform your garden, patio or balcony into a cozy and exotic paradise. It is best used as freestanding fence panels or partitions to create more privacy between two gardens.

What makes it popular?

Bamboo screenings are gaining popularity in Melbourne because of their natural and long-lasting traits. The screen offers tall privacy as compared to others. Moreover, it has a higher ability to withstand environmental stress and is easy to install. It promotes relaxation and stress relief.

Did you know?

Bamboo is acutely resistant to termites, drought, and natural disaster. It has never posed any serious problems with any of these issues. One does not have to stress about costly maintenance because they are easily manageable. You can probably try this option!

It is a plant that grows quicker than any other species and provides an evergreen screen for you to enjoy. We are fond of bamboos and hope you choose it as a feature at your space. You can find a wide range of dimensions from 2000 * 1000 bamboo screens to 2400 * 1000 bamboo screens in Lattice Factory, Melbourne.

3 Reasons to choose Lattice factory for your bamboo screens.

Easy delivery

We make delivery services hassle-free and less time consuming for you by delivering your customised bamboo screens on time.


Lattice Factory offers great quality bamboo screens at affordable prices!
We are sure that you would be a happy customer and find our product worth.
Contact us for styling your outdoors with fence extensions and bamboo screens!

5 Compelling Reasons to Choose Decorative Screens for Gardens

Want to enhance your garden or any exterior space? Then decorative outdoor panels are one promising option you shouldn’t overlook. Garden screens have recently been in the trend and many use them to enhance their property’s exteriors and spaces such as gardens, patios, swimming pool areas, and carports.

If you’re hesitant about getting decorative garden screens in Melbourne and unsure whether they’re an ideal choice for your space, then read along. Here are some promising reasons to get one today.

Increased Aesthetic Appeal

It’s no surprise outdoor screens are chosen for their artistic appeal. Not only do they look great but they also hide any irregularities or defects if any persist in your yard.

Having outdoors screens brings about a sense of calmness and serenity and, on the side, enhances appearance. This also simultaneously enhances the value of your property, making it a great investment for your home.

Variety of Options

Outdoor screens in Melbourne come in a range of different options. Aside from choosing various colors, sizes, and textures, you can also choose between different materials whether you’re looking at hardwood such as Pretoria, Cayman, Morocco, aluminum, or custom corten steel decorative screens for your Melbourne home.

Screens materials can also be selected based on the kind of texture you pick. Choosing between different screens gives you plenty of options to play around with and beautify your garden space.

Highly Customizable

Aside from offering plenty of variety, outdoor decorative screens are customizable and can be tailored to suit the overall layout and shape of your garden.

No matter how you want to utilize your garden screen, you’ll always have the choice to alter it to your liking and customize your garden area.


As much as decorative gates are versatile, they’re also affordable. While looking for fancy decorative gates or regular fence screens in Melbourne for your yard, decorative gates won’t cost you a fortune.

On the contrary, by investing in low-cost decorative gates you can easily divide your outdoor area without any added expenses.

Added Privacy and Protection

If you have little kids wandering around in your yard, there is always a risk of injury or accidents. Outdoor screens help safeguard kids or little ones in your garden premises by helping you create a playing zone.

Installing a decorative screen will prevent kids from accessing injury-prone areas in your garden and help you keep tabs on them.

Final Thoughts

As you can tell, decorative screens can be advantageous in a number of situations. Not only are decorative screens eye-catching but they can enhance safety and increase the property of your value.

Need help choosing the right decorative screen for your garden or yard? Give us a ring. At Lattice Factory, we’ll help you pick the right screen suitable for your garden and install it for you at a price that’s hard to beat. Get in touch with our team for a free quote.

The popularity of hardwood screens has increased tremendously in the last few decades. These screens have been used in the backyard for all good reasons.

People love spending time with their families at the backyard and this is possible without any disruption only with the help of hardwood privacy screens.

Let us look at the benefits of having hardwood privacy screens in the backyard.

1.Outdoor privacy

Privacy is one of the most primary reasons for having a backyard privacy screen. A hardwood screen will provide complete privacy and let you enjoy a gala time. With the help of these screens, you will not be seen by the nosy neighbours or the passers-by. Hardwood privacy screens are best when you host a party or any small gathering with your friends and families.

2.Adds a beautiful touch to the backyard

Another advantage of having a hardwood privacy screen is the amazing look that it creates in the backyard. Many people just buy for the sole reason of enhancing the garden area. Hardwood screens are a much better option as compared to the plain concrete wall.

3.Protection from direct sunlight

 A hardwood privacy screen will not only help to have an increased fresh airflow but will also protect from sunlight. The life of outdoor furniture can get reduced with direct sunlight. A hardwood screen plays an important role by avoiding direct sunlight onto the furniture and protect them from getting destroyed.

4.Easy Maintenance

Do not compromise on the quality! If you have put your mind to shell out money on this investment of fence panels, make it worth it. Quality of fence panels is a primary criterion to ensure it can be used for a longer period of time. It is better to pour in some extra money and get good quality in return.

5.Online Reviews

Hardwood requires a little more care than its other counterparts. Wood requires painting, sealing and sanding to maintain its look. However, do not forget how rich and elegant hardwood screens look comparatively to other materials.

Hardwood screens are definitely a plus point to those homeowners who wish to refurbish their space in low budget. Backyard privacy screens are quite an essential part of the house. Feel free to call Lattice Factory in Sydney us and know more about privacy screens and the different options available

Fence panels have gained popularity among the homeowners in Melbourne due to several reasons. Fence panels are used for privacy, pets, the security of property, for home décor, and so on. With so many companies claiming themselves as best in the town, choosing the right one becomes a challenging job.

However, keeping in mind a few factors, you can easily make a wise decision.

1.Types and Styles

Make sure that the company has different types and styles of fence panels available. It will be great if they make customized fence panels with your choice of color, material, and design. There are a plethora of options available in the market for fence panels. So, make sure you choose what suits your house the best.


Experience matters! The company should be experienced enough to provide you with the best fence panels. It should be reliable and trustworthy. Companies that have barely come into the market cannot be trusted well enough to make this high-end purchase.


 Always try to fit in your budget! Look around for companies that shall cost you a fair amount of price. The cost of fence panels varies from company to company and is dependent on the style and type of material.


Do not compromise on the quality! If you have put your mind to shell out money on this investment of fence panels, make it worth it. Quality of fence panels is a primary criterion to ensure it can be used for a longer period of time. It is better to pour in some extra money and get good quality in return.

5.Online Reviews

Use technology to make your choice wiser! Online reviews of fence panel companies can help you with positive and negative feedback. Online reviews are safer and can be trusted as there are millions of consumers like you who want to invest in a good line of products.

Lattice Factory in Sydney is one such company where your investment cannot go wrong. With a wide range of options, you can get the best fence panels in the town. Feel free to call us and know more about the product.