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Keruing 140 X 19 KD Select grade decking with sealant and teak oil applied.

Keruing is a similar timber to Merbau in terms of durability and appearance although it is slightly cheaper!

It is a class 2 and class 3 hardwood.

It has a brownish complexion

One problem with Keruing is its resin problem, which is not unlike Merbau. Although, where Merbau bleeds and can run onto concrete floors permanently staining the concrete, Keruing does not bleed in the same way. It does not run when it bleeds so should not stain any floors surrounding it.

We import the Keruing and it comes sealed and stained. We recommend re-staining in 6-12 months time when the stain begins to fade and the timber starts to weather. At this point it may be beneficial to rub off any resin that may have bleeded out through

Keruing is a great alternative to Merbau as it will provide a similar look as Merbau at a cheaper price!!

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