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Hardwood Lattice

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Hardwood 40mm square lattice
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Hardwood 40mm diagonal lattice
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Get Excellent Range of Hardwood Lattice In Melbourne At Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory

Offering the best quality products at an affordable price, Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory has solutions for all your fencing and screening issues. Based in Australia, we also provide an excellent range of options in hardwood lattice in Melbourne. Hardwood lattice screens are widely preferred because of their sturdiness and durability. As compared to treated pine, hardwood lattice is more long-lasting. We curate hardwood lattice panels in several variations like hardwood 40mm diagonal lattice in Melbourne and hardwood 40mm square lattice in Melbourne. It is best to go for hardwood lattice panels because they provide you with privacy and at the same time also allow natural light to enter the area. You can choose different dimensions or go for varied installations like square and diagonal depending on your need and space. We provide delivery for all our products which means you just need to focus on the selection. At Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory, our trained professionals also make sure that the screens and panels are installed within the time frame once they are delivered. With sophisticated fixing tools, you need not worry about the shabby display of screws and nails. Low-maintenance to the core, hardwood lattice panels are versatile too. Check out the varieties Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory offers in hardwood lattice panels.

  • Hardwood 40mm diagonal lattice in Melbourne

Hardwood diagonal lattice screens look contemporary and add a modern touch to your outdoors. We have several dimensions in hardwood diagonal lattice screens like 1800*1200 hardwood diagonal lattice, 2400*900 hardwood diagonal lattice, 2400*1200 hardwood diagonal lattice, etc. All of these panels have a natural tone to it but we can paint the panels with the colour of your choice. We offer customisations because we understand that not all clients are fans of natural tones and some might like to add a bit of colour to their outdoors.

  • Hardwood 40mm square lattice in Melbourne

Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory has several sizes in hardwood square lattice panels. For people who want an elegant look for their outdoors, square lattice installations work the best. Square hardwood lattice works well for garden spaces, decks, etc. You can choose different dimensions like 1800*900 hardwood 40mm square lattice, 1800*1200 40mm square lattice, 2400*600 40mm hardwood square lattice, 2400*900 40mm hardwood square lattice, 2400*1200 40 mm square lattice, etc.

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