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Treated Pine is an old school form of screening that provides you with additional privacy but also adds a feature to the part of the property you are adding it to. Our treated pine is pressure treated to help prolong its durability. We offer 4 different profiles of lattice depending on the level of block out and the visual aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. We have highly competitive pricing and stock panels in our 62mm lattice for added convenience. We will also be developing a hardwood lattice alternative for those wanting to invest a bit more into a quality product.

Treated Pine

42mm Square Lattice

Square Lattice

20mm Square Lattice

Square Lattice

35mm square lattice

Treated Pine Vertical Screens Display

Treated Pine Vertical Screens – Made to Measure

Add An Element Of Creativity To Your Outdoor Space With Privacy Screen Patterns In Melbourne And Sydney


Made with the finest raw materials, privacy screens from Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory can be used for several purposes. Our wide variety of privacy screens include square lattice screens in Melbourne, screens of treated pine in Melbourne and Sydney, diagonal lattice screens in Melbourne, etc. Moreover, we also provide several privacy screens patterns in Sydney. Adding a privacy screen was initially only about creating a private space in the backyard or the garden area but nowadays it also influences the overall feel of the interiors. Be it hiding a shabby space in the garden or covering up an old fence, privacy screens can add a lot of life to your mundane outdoor space. Selecting the right kind of pattern for a privacy screen is very crucial. It can be rightly said that privacy screens are a quick-fix for all your outdoor decor needs. Lattice screens are natural looking and give out a very artistic feel. Opting for treated pine in Melbourne and Sydney from Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory is a wise choice because we guarantee amazing durability of all our products. With quick installation processes and professional experts to guide you for the right product, privacy screens from Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory are worth every penny. Strong and easy to shape, treated pine privacy screens are most preferable. Check out the varieties we offer for privacy screens patterns in Melbourne and Sydney.

  • Square lattice screens in Melbourne

Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory offers several customisations in privacy screens. You can opt for a 62mm square lattice screen or simply go for a 42mm lattice screen depending on your requirement. We also have lattice screens in the dimensions of 20mm and 35mm. Square lattice screens are contemporary looking and are easy to install too. One can go for different sizes based on usability. We also offer convenient delivery services for all our products! Square lattice screens are best used for gardens, sheds, outdoor decks, etc.

  • Diagonal lattice screens in Melbourne

Treated Pine is apt for all your screening needs. Apart from adding privacy, it also works towards beautifying the space. Versatile in its looks, treated pine screens are also cost-effective as compared to other screens. Choose treated pine in Melbourne from Screening Solutions by Lattice Factory and make your outdoors worth looking at. Diagonal lattice screens in Melbourne are best used for verandas, backyards, adding an extra element to your outdoor deck, etc. Our skilled professionals will also help you choose the right screen size if you are not sure about the same.

All our screening and fencing products are priced at affordable rates with high-end quality. With delivery and installation facilities, we provide our customers with the best of service.