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    Aluminium Composite Backing pieces provide full Block Out look for your screening. These panels provide non climbable, deeming the screening pool compliant. The pieces are secured to the back of the screen, with the horizontal backing pieces still exposed, to screw fix into a post and rail system.

    When purchasing the screens with the addition of Aluminium Composite Backing, the screens total width will reduce due to the size of the Aluminium sheets.

    When ordering, please let our team know what colour you’d like your sheet to be.

    Aluminium colours available – Black Matte, or White

    Batten Style with
    16mm spacing
    Black, Monument, light Grey
    ($210 for custom)
    White, Timber
    ($250 m2 for custom)
    1800 (h) X 576 (w) $225 $248
    2100 (h) X 576 (w) $250 $275
    2400 (h) X 576 (w) $270 $298


    Flat Sttle with
    Black Monument, Light Grey
    ($190 for custom)
    White, Timber
    ($220 m2 for custom)
    1800 (h) X 606 (w) $185 $220
    2100 (h) X 606 (w) $215 $250
    2400 (h) X 606 (w) $245 $270


    These panels take 3-4 weeks to make as the backing pieces need to be powder coated.