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Pre Made Hardwood Screens

Our pre-made hardwood screening options offer fantastic value, as it saves you or a tradesmen having to assemble a screening section piece by piece. Instead you have a ready-made screen that you can simply screw on to your old existing or newly established framework. This way you will be finished in less than half the time and have huge savings on cost!!

Here is a cost comparison that we mention to our customers who are interested in purchasing our 90mm premium hardwood screens.

For a section that is approximately 1.8m X 1.8m you will need about 40 L/M and you are most likely looking to purchase 90 X 19 Merbau at over $4 per L/M so conservatively that is a cost of $160 plus an hour or two of your time to construct the panel and screw it all together and then the cost of staining and sealing the timber.

Alternatively, you can purchase our panels 1820 X 1800mm pre-made panels for $195. They have 3 stainless steel screws in each join and are already stained and sealed saving you time, money and effort of constructing the screen. As the panels are screwed together they can be easily adjusted to suit your size, by cutting and then re-screwing the backing piece back on, which is already countersunk and pre-drilled to prevent any splitting from occurring.

Our other screening options work even more cost effective than our premium hardwood screens and simply can’t be compared to any other form of hardwood screening on a cost basis. We have Acacia hardwood screens and Light hardwood screens which offer fantastic value.