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Safety is always the first concern while moving into a new place or refurbishing the existing one. Pool safety is an added responsibility when you have children and pets at your residence. In today’s times pool fencing can be found in a variety of styles and designs. A pool fence gives you peace of mind and has other advantages too.

Let us learn about the importance of a pool fencing in Sydney:

1. A Pool Fence is Safe

The significance of pool fencing cannot be neglected. It becomes mandatory to install a pool fence when you have people in your house who do not know how to swim. It adds security helping you to be relieved from worrying about it.

2. Adds Privacy

Pool fencing provides you with privacy and allows you to enjoy swimming without any consciousness and fear. It prevents you from being seen by your neighbours or any other unwanted individual.

3. Abiding the law

According to law, it is made compulsory for everyone to install a pool fence who own swimming pools at their residence. This is made strict due to the possibilities of various hazards that can happen if drowned in the pool. Moreover, it is always advisable to protect your residents from severe dangers.

Under AS1926.1 The relevant legislation for pool compliance for boundary fences it states that the screening profile you choose for a boundary fence must be 1.8m high at least and should not have openings of over 10mm, we speak with customers daily so can advise which screening profiles are most suitable for your requirement.

4. Convenience

Net pools and net covers are never an easy option for protection. It requires regular replacement after every use and can be time-consuming. Pool fencing absolutely requires no effort and is highly effective. It just requires a lock which is placed high on the fence and Is entirely child-proof.

5. Easy Installation

Pool fences are easy to install and our experts work around anything, including sloping hills, grass and landscaping features, ensuring that pool fence is functional and has a good appearance.

If you are planning to install a pool in Sydney at your residence, then you should definitely consider having a pool fencing done by Lattice Factory. If you have any queries, feel free to call us and know about our services.