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Classic Oak with Black Felt Backing

2800mm x 600mm Classic Oak Acoustic Wall Panel Screening – Black Felt Backing
$275 per panel

Our classic oak with black felt backing is our lightest and most noticeably vibrant colour choice with a color tone similar to silver ash or tassie oak it ties in well with tassie oak flooring and any other blonde timber internal features in your home. The colour contrast created by the black felt backing in the back of the panels is most pronounced and further highlights the rich timber battens in front. Ceilings and feature walls are common applications for the classic oak with black felt backing.

Our acoustic wall panels not only look amazing but also serve a dual functional benefit of providing the room they are used in with better acoustic properties. To elaborate when the sound waves hit a hard surface like a solid plastered wall they reflect back into the room which causes an echo making it harder to clearly hear what is being said. These acoustic wall panels have a felt backing which absorbs the sound waves rather than reflecting them back into the room therefore eliminating the reverberation resulting in more clearer audio signals.

Using these Acoustic wall panels is perfect for a better auditory experience in home cinemas or home entertainment systems in lunge rooms or living areas. They also serve the benefit of providing your home with a more calming feel as is the impact of using timber internally, the natural warmth that timber provides adds instant character to any room in your home.

The screens can simply be either glued or screwed to existing plastered walls. As they are a light weight product they are easy to handle and simple to install with one panel seamlessly butting up to the next it becomes impossible to see where one panel ends and the next begins. If you need to trim the panels down to suit your area simply cut the felt with a knife and cut through the battens with a fine blade on a circular or reciprocating saw. These are the perfect DIY product and most jobs wont require a trade to install which saves you significantly on installation costs!