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Australia’s most affordable and tailored hardwood screens and fence extensions with 40 years of experience

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Attractive Garden Screen Panels for Your Melbourne Home

Need decorative and eye-catching garden screens for your backyard? At Lattice Factory, we provide a range of beautiful garden screening panels for homes that look great and last long. All our screens are Australian-made and help you deck up your garden and add every bit of privacy to your home.

To give that perfect statement to your garden, get in touch with us for a free quote.

We Are Your Partner for Attractive Garden Screens in Australia

Lattice Factory has long been the preferred garden screens partner for several homes over the years. Our gardens screens are beautiful yet highly-versatile and decorative, making them ideal for anyone who wants to spruce up their backyard or garden.

Our screen panel designs come in a variety of different options and dimensions, made of premium hardwood fetched from the finest trees. Our panels are also sustainable and built to last, making them ideal to suit Australia’s harsh weather conditions.

What are Some Reasons to Choose Garden Panels?

There are several ways garden panels can benefit you in the long run, a reason why many go work through several garden screens ideas before investing in one. First and foremost, garden panels provide a lot of privacy. They can prevent passersby or nosy neighbors from looking into your yard thus giving you a sense of relief from unwanted people.

Garden panels even provide protection against certain elements of nature. For instance, opting for semi-enclosed garden panels can let you prevent any type of heat and UV light. Placing your garden screens strategically will help minimise damage to your outdoor furniture meaning you will be able to protect any of your outside furniture from harmful, damaging rays and still get better garden aesthetics on the side.

Another great benefit of garden panels is they bring a fabulous lift to your space. This helps your garden stand out and win you compliments. Not to mention, garden screens are easy on maintenance and come with a budget-friendly price tag when it comes to pricing. This is especially useful if you don’t want to spend a fortune installing an entire fence or a full wall. Better yet, it looks great in terms of appearance.

Why Choose Us for Garden Screens?

As Australia’s largest and foremost garden screen providers, Lattice Factory has been favored by homeowners across Melbourne and nearby areas for beautiful and high-quality garden screens.

Our company was established with the sole reason of offering best-in-class hardwood garden screens that are built to last long and well. To make this happen, we formed a skilled team of experts and put their expertise to the test. The intention was to not only create everyday garden screens but something that will help you leverage garden screening for your Australian home.

Today, we house some of the best and highest-quality garden timber screens in our warehouses. We readily stock our screens and dispatch sets with quick turnaround times. What’s more, we have a professional and friendly team to help you assist as and when required.

Feel free to get in touch with our team and we’ll help you make a quality purchase with top-notch customer service. As your reliable garden screens providers, here’s what you can expect when you become our partner for your garden screens requirements.

A Few Reasons to Choose Our Garden Screens:

  • We are a complete Australian-owned business. This means you get high-quality Australian garden screens to deck up your garden.
  • Unique range of garden screens and fence extensions available in stock.
  • Custom-made garden screens available to suit your garden’s unique layout.
  • We provide direct delivery to customers along with installation services.
  • We have been in the business for more than 40 years and guarantee trust on your purchase.
  • We have access to skilled and professional tradies in-house to help you with installation.

Elevate Your Garden Aesthetics with Screens from Lattice Factory

Whether you need privacy screens for your already-existing garden space, or something standalone to elevate your space, our experts at Lattice Factory can help you with a custom-designed garden screens in Melbourne. From delivery to installation, we’ll handle the whole process for you. Get over a call with us for a free quote.