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Tailored Privacy Panels for Melbourne Homes

Looking for a privacy screens for your backyard? As one of Australia’s foremost dealers in privacy screens, Lattice Factory has you covered. We stock a large collection of privacy and decorative screens that are versatile as they are built to last. Get yours that fit your environment.

Get a glimpse of our excellent collection of panels and get in touch to know how we can help.

Types of Privacy Screens You Can Buy

Garden panels are available in different shapes and materials depending on your needs, preferences and financial situation.

Garden trellises:

  • In addition to being often used for climbing plants and crops, they can also be useful as privacy screens or room dividers. A trellis can add vibrancy to your outdoor space, changing its look and feel as the climbers grow.

Standard Fence Mesh:

  • A common and economical solution is a standard fence. Fences can be given a fresh coat of paint to complement or blend in with other garden features, although this is not always the most attractive option. Like any tree, they require regular maintenance to ensure a long life.

Bamboo Screens:

  • Bamboo meshes bring about easy and natural garden privacy against neighbors and passersby. They are a great way to add an added layer of privacy at low cost without much maintenance too. These privacy screen wood panels can be attached to not only garden fences but also walls, pergolas and other areas such as wires, tapes, or screws.

Metal Garden Screens:

  • Known to be the most durable of all privacy screens, these low-maintenance privacy panels add the ultimate decorative touch to your garden. Metal screens are mainly made out of powder-coated steel, and the design itself is distinctive. They usually have a laser-cut pattern that diffuses rather than entirely blocking the view.

Why Invest in Privacy Screens?

If you’re on the verge to enhance your garden space, consider some excellent garden privacy screens from an established screen manufacturer to cover or show off those aging walls and fences.

Decorative garden panels are a great option if you want to liven up your deck or outdoors, or simply add privacy to your garden. Adding decorative screens to your space is an easy and affordable way to give it a fresh, modern look. Stratco also offers a range of garden, privacy, and bamboo screening alternatives to suit your garden’s needs. They can easily transform any environment as they are available in different shapes, materials, colors and sizes. Privacy screen timber panels can also be used as decorative elements, gates, and even facades.

For all your privacy screen needs, we always recommend selecting the right screen provider to help you make the right choice with your choice of panels.

What’s the Difference Between a Fence and Privacy Screen?

Fences often provide more privacy from neighbors’ views by completely blocking off your yard. Your entire garden or outdoor area is usually surrounded by a fence. Your yard may not be completely enclosed by privacy screens; they should only enclose one area of your yard or garden.

Why Lattice Factory for Privacy Screens in Melbourne?

Whether you need privacy screens for your small garden or large yard, our privacy screens at Lattice Factory are everything you need to deck up your area with private screening ideas whilst keeping the outdoors as private as possible.

Our selection of privacy screens for decking and gardens is based on lovely organic designs, creating variegated patterns that perfectly add a statement and mood to your garden space. Made from premium materials, our screens not only bring life to your outdoor space, but also last for years with no maintenance required.

All our screens use high-quality timber, giving them a unique look and feel that contrasts nicely with many other outdoor panels. We offer better warranty on all our panels and service that’s hard to beat in the market. We also have a trained team on-site to help you with installation to save you from all the hassle. We can thus schedule an onsite visit and help you make the most of your choice of privacy garden panels.

If you’re in Melbourne and need garden screens that offer great privacy, look great, and last long, feel free to reach out to our team at Lattice Factory for a free quote.