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Elevate the Style of Your Home with Our Timber Batten Screens

Want to bring in a warm, cozy ambience to your space? Then timber batten screening is just what you need to bring in the perfect acoustic protection and sun control. Wooden battens have been used throughout history across a range of walls, facades, and ceilings. They are a great way to maintain privacy and can also enhance the appeal of your home’s exteriors.

Lattice Factory is a premium maker of timber batten feature walls and can help you choose the right timber batten sizes in to complement your property in Australia. Get in touch for a free quote.

Why Use Timber Batten Screens?

Essentially, Timber Screen Battens, also referred to as screen boards or timber batten wall, are a type of decorative screen made from long and narrow pieces of wood and offer an attractive, reasonably priced solution to privacy, home security, or climate control.

Using different types of numerous timber battens side by side gives your facade or interiors a type of narrow effect. This results in some depth and texture to your space.

Battens made of wood can be individually shaped and installed, or they can be put up in a coordinated, modular way. They can be used both inside and outside for a distinctive touch of style alongside assisting with things like visibility, sunlight control, and privacy.

How Can Timber Batten Screening Benefit Your Home?

It’s no surprise, timber battens are ideal when it comes to decorating your home and keeping it subtle. They can help you achieve that in a number of ways.

Thanks to being finely constructed, they can work not only for the inside but also outside due to being versatile. This is whether you’re using it for cladding on your walls, ceilings, or to simply use them as privacy screens.

Major Reasons to Invest in a Timber Batten Screens

While functionality and aesthetics are some reasons people opt for timber batten screens, there are several others that make a timber batten screen investment an absolute necessity.

They are available in a number of shapes and sizes and can come in handy whether you need them for the walls or cladding. Not only do they provide a statement to your room but also bring in a cohesive feel to an otherwise dull interior.

Thanks to being made of wood, you also have a variety of choices to choose from when picking the colors and finishing.

At Lattice Factory, our trained experts are readily available and will help you choose the right texture and color to match your home’s interior or exterior. Just reach out to our team and we’ll help you choose the best quality timber batten screens in Australia.

  • Partitioning

Timber screens are often used for partitioning alongside restricting views and adding privacy. It’s essential to have the right combination of spacing for your batten screen to double as your partition.

  • Better Visual Aesthetics

Having walls aligned with the right timber batten screens adds a great flair and texture to any room. Doing this enhances your room visual aesthetics too. When used for the exteriors, your timber batten will help complement your garden or yard.

  • Right Visibility

If you’re looking for a better replacement for your walls that doesn’t completely blocks off the view, then timber batten screens are an ideal choice. Battens have a good amount of spacing that can help residents see through as and where necessary such as when taking care of a garden where a sneak peek is often necessary.

  • Better Acoustics

Being made of wood, timber batten helps with acoustics, doubling as your home’s acoustic panel. This helps absorbs sound naturally compared to other materials. You can add additional panels to enhance the absorption and reduce noise.

  • Sunlight Deflection

Timber batten screens are ideal if you’re likened to reduce direct sunlight passage or exposure in your home. Using them will bring in a more softened ambience with minimal heat gain.

Looking for timber batten screening for your home? Let our experts at Lattice Factory help you out. Get in touch with our team and we’ll recommend you the best timber batten wall solution for your property. Get your free quote now!