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Considering the perfect timber for decking? Look no further than Merbau timber for your Melbourne or Sydney home. This timber has gained popularity not just for its practical advantages, but also for its striking aesthetic. Indeed, Merbau stands out as one of the most robust and enduring timber species on the market. Its strength and resilience are such that specialized equipment and numerous saw blades are essential during its harvesting and processing.

Let’s delve deeper into the remarkable attributes of this sought-after hardwood.

Picking Merbau for Decking

When it comes to decking, there are numerous hardwood options available and of them all Merbau truly stands out. Beyond its captivating aesthetic it offers a tactile richness that exudes both warmth and sophistication. It’s a top pick for decking due to its impressive longevity and inherent resistance to termites, a reason why many also use Merbau for battens bunnings.

Whether you want Merbau for decking or planning a horizontal merbau fence, the hardwood can be suitable for any corner of your yard, be it in a dry or humid setting. Its robust nature ensures durability, reducing risks like deck collapses.

Let’s explore further why Merbau is such a commendable choice for decking and what difference it can make.

Ease of Workability

It’s no doubt, Merbau stands out for its commendable sturdiness. While there are harder local hardwoods, Merbau’s ease of workability is unparalleled.

Crafting and laying out a Merbau deck won’t have you breaking a sweat. Its adaptability allows craftsmen to mold it precisely to your specifications. This can ensure that your envisioned outdoor feature comes to life seamlessly.

Bushfire Resilience

Among the timbers suitable for bushfire-prone areas in Australia, Merbau holds a prime spot. It is known to resist fire with ease among other notable timbers in this category include blackbutt, red ironbark, red river gum, silver top ash, spotted gum, and turpentine.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Merbau boasts a captivating hue that retains its vibrancy longer than many other timbers. Over time, many believe its allure only deepens whether you use Merbau screening or the deck. Characterized by its brown to reddish-brown shades and distinctive interlocking grain pattern, Merbau decking promises to elevate your property’s outdoor aesthetics.

Be it enhancing your patio or revamping fences, you can rest assured Merbau’s inherent beauty will impress, nonetheless.

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Given all the durability the hardwood packs, the Merbau feels like it’s made for the outdoors.

Merbau’s inherent properties make it especially suited for outdoor applications. It’s rated Class 1 for above-ground utilization, underscoring its stability and minimal shrinkage or expansion rate.

Assured Longevity

Longevity is one of the highlights of decking with Merbau, practically making Merbau decking a wise choice. With a Class 1 durability rating for above-ground use and a Class 3 for in-ground, Merbau promises a lifespan ranging from 25 to 40 years.

With such a long lifespan, you won’t have to worry about your deck in terms of any damage.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance is where the Merbau timber shines and offers you the best returns on your investments.

Unlike some decking types demanding frequent care, Merbau keeps things simple. An annual clean with soapy water and a brush, coupled with a protective oil coat, is all it takes to maintain its pristine condition. In this way, you can easily maintain your deck better than other decking options.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, finger-jointed Merbau can be a whole lot beneficial and can serve you well in the long term. It’s a great combination of beauty, durability, and practicality, making it a choice par excellence for homeowners seeking the best. If you’re considering a decking solution, it’s hard to look past the myriad benefits Merbau offers.

At Lattice Factory we provide a range of premium Merbau timber sizes for decking and can help you pick the finest timber for your deck. Get in touch for a quick quote.